Unlock the Value of Your Gems and Jewelry

FlexFIN offers fair, fast, and flexible collateralized financing backed by 117 years of trust and expertise.

Competitive Rates

We are experts at valuing your collateral and have a reputation for offering the industry’s best prices.

We’ll Help You Sell

Let your inventory work for you. Our deep connections in the market will expose it to a broad audience.

How It Works

Step 1: We appraise your item(s)

Step 2: We pay you

Step 3: You may repay your loan or opt for us to sell your item(s) profitably

Fast, Fair, Flexible

The Benefits of Working with FlexFIN

Reliable & Reputable

Fair, fast financing bolstered by more than a century of Kwiat trust and expertise

Extend Your Loan

Flexible access to short-term capital with repayment and extension options

Consign at Retail

The opportunity to consign high-value assets at Kwiat and Fred Leighton retail stores

Competitive & Discreet

Collateralized financing with the utmost privacy and value in the U.S.

Alternative Financing

FlexFIN is a partnership between Kwiat, a renowned family-owned jeweler, and PhenixFIN Corporation, a business development firm. We offer collateral-based loans that address the void left by the departure of traditional bank financing in the gem and jewelry trades.

117 Years of Jewelry Knowledge

Founded in 1907, Kwiat is a trusted fourth-generation family-owned jewelry business. As a leader with deep connections in the industry, Kwiat understands the intrinsic value of your assets. And, as the owner of Fred Leighton, Kwiat is also influential in the antique jewelry market.

Kwiat Opens FlexFIN in India

Kwiat, the renowned diamond jeweler, is announcing the expansion of its FlexFIN program in India. FlexFIN provides collateralized financing to the gems and jewelry trade.

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